Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Who Called Me - Phone Detective Review

Who Called Me - Phone Detective Review

Here’s my Phone Detective Review and how it helped me to find out who called me.
From the time I left my college, I did not have much interest in keeping in touch with my buddies. We exchanged our phone numbers to each other but I hardly remember where I threw it after coming home. From that day since I lost all my friends and did not have any touch with them.

After many years, just recently I got a call from a person saying, “Hi, Is this Penny? How are you? Could you come over to my house, we’re having a party this Saturday“ and I was answering him without even asking who it was. Until he hung up, I did not know who called me and was embarrassed to ask him how he knew me. Then I remembered a guy from my college had a similar accent just like the person who called me over the phone. I had a hunch that it should have been one of my college buddies but was shy to call back and ask him more details. I even couldn’t remember his name properly.

I knew that if this surely was one of my college friend and if he’s having a party, then I’ll be able to see my other college pals at that party too. So with the miraculous help of Phone Detective, I just typed in his number and clicked the “search button” and within seconds, I got the answer. I got his full name, address and other details as well. Yes, it was my long lost college buddy and I could remember him by his last name.
So with Phone Detective it was very very easy for me to find out who called me within seconds. The whole process of hiring a Personal Detective and giving him the phone number to search for the owners details, now that happens just with a click of a mouse button.

Phone Detective is very easy to use and you can find out who called with only their number.
I hope this Phone Detective Review of mine really helped you figure out how Phone Detective is very much useful for each and every one of us. Just get a membership by clicking the link below and find out each and every detail of a person who calls you with unknown numbers.

I’ve even uploaded a video on youtube.com with the Phone Detective Link below on the description for your reference, I hope you’ll like it.

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Who Called Me - Phone Detective Review